Great TV Sound from one slim, stylish cabinet.

Our Z-Base systems deliver high-quality, room-filling sound — from one cabinet, with one connecting wire...and a one-page owner's manual. Our exclusive PhaseCue II technology creates three-dimensional surround sound without a roomful of speakers and wires. Just place your Z-Base system on a piece of furniture, then place your flat-panel TV on top of it — then connect one wire and you're done! Sound & Vision magazine calls our systems "remarkably ingenious."


- It's a Home Theatre Sound Base that fits under your TV

- Only a few inches high, ideal for most Entertainment units

- Surround Sound without multiple Speakers & Cables

- No external Subwoofer - everything is built-in

- Super-Clear Vocals

- "Loud Advertisements Control" Feature

- Front-Panel iPod®Portable connection

- Works with your existing TV Remote

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