Niles' mission is to be the world's leading supplier of products that offer their customers innovative solutions for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems while providing unparalleled quality, convenience, control, and value.

From the very beginning, Niles has been a solutions-based company. Founded in Florida, USA in 1978, the fledgling company's first products were switching systems designed for use by audio retailers as a tool to help them demonstrate speakers and amplifiers to potential customers.

These switching systems greatly simplified the selling process because the salesperson no longer had to disconnect and reconnect wires and cables manually each time a customer wanted to audition a specific component.

Each speaker line is designed to achieve the finest in audio reproduction for a specific application. Responding to perceived problems and opportunities and to suggestions from dealers, installers, and end-users, Niles engineers explicitly design each speaker to deliver outstanding value and performance in a particular situation.

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