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Making Sure it All Happens at Your Command
ELAN g! Series System Controllers put you in complete control of every part of your technology-centric life, managing your primary home, vacation home and business. These remarkable, easy-to-use controllers allow you to effortlessly operate your entertainment, lighting, security, energy, and irrigation systems in any room you choose - or from anywhere in the world.

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Control & Automation

g1 System Controller
RRP: $889.00
Handheld Remote with charging station
RRP: $749.00
Handheld Remote with charging station
RRP: $1,099.00

RRP: $349.00
SC10 System Controller
RRP: $3,399.00
SC2 System Controller
RRP: $1,499.00

4" In-wall Colour Touchscreen
RRP: $999.00
7" In-wall Colour Touchscreen
RRP: $1,699.00

RRP: $2,999.00

Surface mounted with camera and intercom support
RRP: $4,999.00

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